Run A Better Building

The world’s first building performance platform:
a single system to manage maintenance, people and energy

A single platform to help you do your job, only better.

Do More With Less

Build a high-performing team, reduce unnecessary maintenance and improve tenant satisfaction

Close the knowledge gap

Adopt an analytical approach to maintenance and energy: let big data and machine learning fill the gaps

Simplify energy management

Easily incorporate data from any source and gain actionable insights into efficiency

Everything your CMMS does, but better


Modernize your maintenance

  • Customizable preventative and condition-based maintenance strategies
  • Recommended checklists or your own custom steps
  • Flexible scheduling of rounds, meter readings and inspections

See the big picture

  • Manage assets and locations across buildings
  • Unlimited document storage and comprehensive histories
  • Portfolio-level views and insights


Get work done, together


A smarter way to manage

  • One-click task creation for anyone inside or outside the company
  • Messaging and collaboration make working together easy
  • Visualize your team’s work and balance it on the fly


Make data work for you


Take the guesswork out of efficiency

  • Automated fault detection and diagnostics uncover anomalies, patterns and hidden costs
  • System-generated efficiency recommendations and tasks
  • Accepts data from any source, including BAS, sensors, utilities and more

Real-time data and insights

  • A single view of maintenance, people and energy
  • Personalized dashboard for data-driven decisions
  • Insight into the true costs of operating your facility


Stay on your feet


Everything's available on mobile, plus:

  • Automatically sync activity when working offline
  • Scan barcodes and QR codes to view open tasks, asset history and more
  • Take photos and add to assets and locations


Trusted by Our Users

With over 125 million managed square feet and 30 years of customer loyalty, we created Flywheel with our clients in mind.-

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